Dental implants are the most advanced form of tooth replacement available. Using the principle of osseointergration we are able to replace missing teeth in a natural manner. The strength of the root is provided by titanium and the crown of the tooth is formed from reinforced-porcelain mimicking tooth enamel.


Veneers provide beautiful, aesthetic restorations with minimal tooth preparation allowing us to design your smile.
Crowns provide both strength and aesthetics, protecting the remaining tooth tissue and restoring optimumfunction.

Tooth whitening

Day-White ( home whitening)-using customised trays made by the dentist and technician this method allows the patient to have control over the degree of whitening they desire. Zoom ( in-surgery whitening)-taking just one and a half hours this method gives our patients whiter teeth in just one visit to the dental surgery.

Wrinkle reduction treatments

Botox-relaxes the muscle to achieve wrinkle reduction. Natural treatments leave patients looking youthful and refreshed. Can also be used to treat tension headaches.

Dermal fillers-reduces facial lines and can achieve natural volumisation of cheeks and lips.

Clearstep® invisible braces

Using clear aligners can straighten teeth resulting in an improved smile.

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020 7637 1672